Asher Martell



Asher Martell is the oldest of three and stands at 6’0". He has been known to be quite charming and sometimes comes off as a simpleton. However, he can be very diplomatic, even if he isn’t the biggest fan of politics. He’s not fond of people making fun of him. While he’s not exactly a sensitive man, he does take offense to people treating him like he’s an idiot and/or underestimating him. However, when it happens, he just smiles and nods while pretending it doesn’t bother him to no end.

Asher doesn’t often seem like a serious man. He prefers to enjoy life, even if that isn’t always easy as King of the Seven Kingdoms. He would much rather be a pirate sailing the seas than be the king but he’s accepted his fate and let his dreams go.


Being the heir to the Iron Throne, Asher was raised in King’s Landing. He sometimes visited Dorne, though he never stayed for very long. His mother wanted him to spend his time in King’s Landing so that he could learn how to rule when it was his time. From the few times he’d visited Dorne, Asher had come to love it and often missed it while he was in King’s Landing. And despite having been raised in the Crownlands, he never considered the city to be his true home. As a child, he was rather bitter about having to live in King’s Landing. Especially after his younger siblings were born.

The twins were very well behaved babies but when they got older, the pair were quite rambunctious. To keep them from getting into too much trouble around the capital, their mother sent them to Dorne to spend time with their uncle and his children. Asher was not happy about that. He begged his mother to let him go to Dorne as well but instead, he was made to stay in King’s Landing. It wasn’t until he was ten that he finally started to get over being robbed of a Dornish childhood.

His siblings were returned to him and his mother two years later, at the age of seven and when he was twelve. Asher, despite his previous bitterness, learned to adore his younger siblings. Especially Odessa. His little sister picked up a talent for fighting quickly and the pair frequently wrestled which later led to sparring when Odessa started learning to use weapons. He got along well with Oliven, though Oliven was never so good at fighting as Odessa. Yet the two had a pleasant brotherly bond nonetheless.

When Asher was fifteen, he was engaged to Karsi Tyrell. Even at his youthful age, he didn’t feel right being engaged to someone five years his junior. He absolutely refused to marry her until she was older and he tried to postpone the wedding as long as possible, even if it was only until he was nineteen. His mother fell ill that point and Asher, knowing his mother wanted to be present at his wedding, gave into the pressure his father put on him and agreed to marry Karsi.

Asher struggled with the fact that he was marrying someone so much younger than him and someone that was the same age as his younger siblings. He refused a bedding ceremony and in fact, never made any sort of advance on Karsi. He wanted to be a respectful and proper husband to his young bride so he settled for letting her have his room while he slept separately from her so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable with his presence. When she was comfortable enough with his presence, he moved back into his room.

Asher has done all he can to keep the Seven Kingdoms at peace while being a fair and diplomatic ruler. It isn’t always easy but he tries his best. He also tries his best to be a good husband to his wife.

Asher Martell

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