Chyenne Targaryen



Chyenne Targaryen is a slender young woman that stands at an average height of 5’6". She is a very soft spoken woman that tends to keep to herself. She was raised to be a proper lady and often tries to mind her manners as best as she can. Much to her older sister’s displeasure, she can sometimes seem subservient to most others, regardless of station. Sometimes that can also get her into trouble. Some tend to look down on her for not acting how she should. Her confidence isn’t exactly lacking but she also isn’t the most confident person, either. Or so she seems. No one really knows what lurks beneath the submissive surface.


Chyenne Targaryen is the second oldest child of the main Targaryen family. Alysanne is her older sister and the Mistress of Whispers. She was born and raised on Dragonstone. She was raised to be a proper young lady that minded her manners and was always polite, much like her older sister. However, Chyenne was also raised to learn how to fight in secret. Both girls were trained in secrecy so that no one would realize just how well they could take care of themselves and how tenacious they could be. The point of this was to make the world think that the Targaryen sisters were helpless and proper maids.

When Alysanne was rewarded with the position of Mistress of Whispers, Chyenne was sent with her sister so that the girls could take care of one another. While Alysanne goes about her courtly duties, Chyenne roams the Keep. She frequents the garden and sometimes goes for relaxing rides on the back of her horse. Sometimes she can be found doing needlework in her apartments or in the garden. If she isn’t doing needlework, she can be found reading or just walking around. However, on rarer occasions, she can be found in the company of the Martell twins.

Chyenne Targaryen

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