Ezrin is a short (5’0") woman, with copper-brown skin and long, silky black hair, which she manages by keeping it up in elaborate braids. Her eyes are dark green, because that is what color she wants them to be. She tends to wear clothes similar to those of a bellydancer, in bright colors, though she does tend to wear green and gold.

- Learning languages; she picks them up with ease.
- Adjusting to new situations

- Being bored ALL THE TIME, apparently.



She grew up in a khalasar with an abusive father and many, many women who were content with their lives, being worked like mules and beaten even worse. She was unhappy, however. One night, she stole her mare, and made off for the nearest city, having heard tales of men and women who could change their faces and forget their pasts. She wanted revenge, but well, that’s rarely how things work out.

Ezrin gave up her horse and herself to the House. But her name wasn’t Ezrin, then. Kade walked into the House. Music trained in the House.. And Ezrin walked out, on her last day of training. She changes faces, and changes her name and her personality just as easily as some people shed their old clothes for new.

She enjoys needlework, and often makes her own outfits. Ezrin has many interests you’d not expect her to have, as she tends to be quite wild and adventurous – she loves to cook, and tend to people, though she dislikes cleaning and children. It’s unclear if she ever plans on marrying, as she currently has no romantic interests, and will never have children, as she is homosexual.

Bard – A friend. Just a friend.


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