Jasper Greyjoy



The third born son of Serion Greyjoy, and the joker of the siblings, Jasper was considered the runt of the family through his childhood, being dwarfed by his brothers at any age, with them standing at 6’5" each, and he at 5’8", and unable to compete with the on terms of physical strength. Though proved to be quicker and more agile than his siblings due his shorter stature.
Generally a laid back, easy going person, Jasper has been known to get on people’s nerves with his carefree attitude to pretty much everything. Though he is a proven fighter and a respected Captain.
Much like the rest of his family, Jasper is considered quite handsome in looks, and is known for his charming smiles.

  • Skilled Captain.
  • Trained in the use of axes, daggers, and shortsword.
  • Vicious fighter.
  • Charismatic
  • Skilled actor/liar (Keeps up a public facade)
  • Family
  • Easily angered.
  • Emotionally unstable.
  • Can speak more than one language.
  • Is secretly a good singer.

Born on Pyke during the end of the Summer years in 332 AC, Jasper Greyjoy is the youngest child of Lord Serion Greyjoy, and grew up with his older brother Zander, and the eldest twins Anri and Aryeon in Pyke. Like his other siblings, his parents left it up to the wetnurses and maids to care for the children.
At the age of seven, Jasper watched his brother, Anri, kill one of his father’s crew members after he tried to rape a serving girl in front of his younger siblings. Unthankful and horrified at the brutality, the girl spread rumours around the Keep, making sure none of the caretakers would go near the siblings. After this incident, Anri raised his siblings. When Jasper was nine, his father died after his longship capsized on rough waters, and not long after that his mother drowned in her bathtub when she passed out after drinking too much wine. With all the siblings being too young to rule the Iron Isles, their uncle Kyllan took their place until Anri came of age.
Being smaller than his brothers, and weaker in physical strength, it was this inability that caused his Uncle, Kyllan, to single him out from the other siblings and force him to work harder. After a series of failures to earn his uncle’s appeasement, Jasper was told he worked like a woman and therefore would be treated like one, from the age of eleven, Jasper was subjected to all forms of abuse from Kyllan, and continued up until the day he left the Isles. He has kept it a close guarded secret, with none of his family even having the faintest idea.
The only true happiness he has known was in Gwyn Oakheart. Jasper was introduced to Gwyn by Zander when he was fifteen during a visit to King’s Landing. The two fell in love at first sight, and quickly became each others firsts, swearing to marry each other one day, though it quickly fell through when tensions rose between Anri and Lord Oakheart, who refused to marry his daughter to an Ironborn.
Jasper took up as Captain of the newly rebuilt Silence when he was sixteen, and he spent the next two years either reading through the journals and logs of his grandfather before being sent to King’s Landing with his sister Aryeon after the Iron Pact was signed. Becoming the Greyjoy representatives in the Capital.

Jasper Greyjoy

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