Karsi Tyrell



Karsi is the second child of Lord Tyrell and his wife. She stands at 5’8", with mesmerizing blue eyes, and long wavy brown hair. A polite young women, who was brought up with all the airs and graces of a Lady. She is a careful speaker, favouring diplomacy when dealing with nobility, and rarely ever raises her voice to those around her, though can capture the attention of the crowd with her soft and delicate voice. Though she is not afraid to play the dumb girl card if it means getting to a solution quicker.

A lover of crossbow hunting, music and arts. Karsi can be found spending a lot of her time with her falcon or horse, or in her personal chambers, sewing or painting.

  • Skilled in diplomacy.
  • Observant.
  • Can be manipulative.
  • Popular with people.
  • Trained in archery. (Bows and crossbow)
  • Insecure.
  • Lacks any fighting skill.
  • Can be naive.
  • Sewing.
  • Hunting
  • Art.

Born in Highgarden in 328 AC as the second child, and first daughter to Lord Tyrell, Karsi spent her early years living carefree in Highgarden with her family. Like most young ladies, she was taught the skills of being a Lady by her Septa and mother, showing great talent in sewing and music.

When she was seven she was taught Hawking, a favoured pastime of the Ladies in the Reach. This unlocked her slight competitive nature, and the want to go on proper hunts, making a deal with her father that when she learned to use a bow she could join them. It took her two years to learn, and eventually accompanied her father, and older brother on their hunt through the forests, mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the animals.

The following year, Karsi was brought to King’s Landing. After a few days there she was told she would be married to the future King of Westeros when she came of age. Shocked and scared at this, she ran away to the Gardens, and hid there for hours until she was found by one of the Tyrell guards. She and her family left a few days later, without her even meeting her husband to be.

The next few years where spent learning politics and court manners. As time went on, Karsi began to resent it all, missing the time she could be spent out hawking, or hunting, or in her room painting or sewing. At the age of 14, her father received the Raven that she was to be brought to King’s Landing, and that the wedding would be soon due to the failing health of the Queen. At the alter was the first time she had seen her betroth, the realisation of everything nearly making her run in terror back to the garden she had hid in all those years ago. She made a promise to herself before she took her vows, she promised herself that she would be strong and smart, just like her Great Aunt, that she wouldn’t be lorded over, or made into some ornament just there to look pretty.

After her wedding, she spent her time making herself known to the population of King’s Landing by following in her Great Aunt’s footsteps, helping those who needed help and showing a kind face to the public when they needed it. It took a few years of work for her popularity to grow throughout the city, allowing her to mature into the Queen the smallfolk could trust, and rely on.

Karsi Tyrell

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