Khaedyen Velaryon



At six feet, six inches, Khae could be quite imposing, but his willowy frame make him appear weaker than he actually is. His skin is pale and his hair is white; his bright purple eyes bring all of that together to mark him as of Valyrian descent. (Ok, I know the picture has piercings, and the eyebrows don’t match. Please ignore that. It’s difficult to find good pictures of white-haired guys – and with purple eyes? None. At all.)

- Making friends.

- Riding horses.



Khaedyen has been groomed a heir and future lord since he was old enough to walk, and has been riding for even longer, first with his father, then on his own pony, and he has finally gotten a proper warhorse, a gift for his sixteenth birthday. He was trained in fighting arts, swords and warhammers and daggers and his own fists. Along with that, he can also carry himself with the easy grace of a nobleman and has learned all of the mannerisms and such required by his station. He loves to live, and it seems that life loves him.

He prefers to be called Khae and is somewhat of a flirt; he also loves to gossip and to know what everyone is doing, who is bedding who, everything. As a child, he was quite a messy eater, and a flock of crows began to follow him around. As he got older, he stopped being messy (and is now quite deliberate in all of his actions) but he continued to feed the crows, and now they follow him wherever he goes, the ‘lead’ pair of the flock always with him, while the rest are always somewhere around. He can send messages with them.

Khaedyen’s father is very old and sickly, and he can’t get out of the house much, so Khae is his voice and the sole representative of his house, as his mother died in childbirth some years after he was born – his sister was stillborn. His father never remarried and was too old to have any more children by then, anyway, leaving his only child to handle almost all of the House Valaryon affairs.

Khaedyen Velaryon

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