Marek Yronwood



A tall man of twenty-four years, and has typical characteristics of a Stony Dornishman, though his hair is a little more copper than the usual due to his mother being from House Hightower, and is considered quite handsome.

Marek is a skilled fighter, and strong rider, capable of fighting on horseback just as well as he can on the ground. He wears black steel armour, adorned with a gold trim. Born with Congenital insensitivity to pain, it had been a blessing and a curse to Marek, allowing him to carry on with wounds, but also leaves him oblivious to major and potentially fatal wounds.


Born to Lord Yronwood, and his wife, Marek is the fourth born son of House Yronwood, the second most powerful House in Dorne. He was born amid conflict with House Martell, and considers them unfit, and poor rulers, and went his mother was killed at the hands of a rogue Martell Halberdier, his hatred and anger grew to extreme levels. Knowing from a young age he wasn’t going to rule House Yronwood, Marek squired under a Dayne Knight, and was knighted at the age of seventeen.

After his knighting, Marek dedicated his time to study, and spent three years studying at the Citadel in Oldtown. Earning four links of a Maester’s chain; Black Iron for Ravenry, Silver for Medicine, Iron for Warcraft, and Copper for history. Marek also spent time studying the human and animal body, and is known to keep many notebooks filled with drawings and finding from dissecting humans and animals alike.

It was in Oldtown where everything went wrong for Marek, taken by what he thought were Maesters studying magic and the occult, but turned out to be rogue Necromancers and Shadowbinders, Marek became the source of their experiments, undergoing both physical and mental torture. The tampering with his mind left him seemingly emotionless, and unstable.

Marek Yronwood

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