Syren Essaris



Standing at 6’1", Syren has a strong, lean build that seems to be suited more for agility than strength. Appearance wise, he possesses both Valyrian and Asshai’i traits with pale white skin, white hair, cold green-ish tinted eyes and high set cheekbones.
Syren has an obvious air of confidence about him, and is generally seen as a laid back, easy-going person. Through all this, only a very few select people know much about him, and is quick to dodge any personal questions.

  • Powerful mage.
  • Trained assassin. (Faceless Men)
  • Trained in poison making.
  • Skilled with knives, daggers, and in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Physically fit, with strong endurance and agility.
  • Volatile.
  • Stubborn.
  • Impulsive.
  • Can be rude, unsympathetic.
  • Tracking.
  • Can sing reasonably well.
  • Can play a number of instruments.
  • Can dance.

Born to a Lysene noble woman, who possessed skills in cryomancy and an Asshai’i mage, and given the name Syren Essaris, he grew up better than most, never truly needing anything, though always feeling like there was something missing. At the age of 5, he was taught how to read and write in Valyrian, the common tongue, and Asshai’i. By the age of 10 he had become fluent in Valyrian and Asshai’i, but struggled with the Common Tongue, hating the way it sounded. By this age, Syren had begun his training in Shadowbinding and Cryomancy, devoting much of his time to training and studying new techniques. He picked up the skills quickly as he aged.
Wanting Syren to carry on the business he had set up, Larazo, Syren’s father started bringing him to the Brothel he owned when Syren was 14. Oblivious to the horrors that went on behind the well-run facade of the establishment, Syren began learning the trade, doing as he was told. It was three years later when he realised the Brothel wasn’t as legitimate as he had believed. Unable to regain any respect for his family, Syren left home not long after, and began his travel to Braavos, practicing his magic through each village and town.
Now at the age of 23, and a fully trained Faceless Man. Syren has been sent to King’s Landing as their eyes and ears in the Westerosi capital.

Syren Essaris

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