Newbie Primer

The Story Background.

The RP follows the book canon, and will contain spoilers if you have not read the books.
Our RP takes place in the year 350 AL, this is 50 years after the events of the Purple Wedding. Some of you might be wondering, now how in the Seven Hells did the Martells become ruler’s of Westeros. Well sit back, grab a snack and a drink and allow me to explain, well, show you the videos.

It all starts with this thing called, the Dornish Master Plan. The quickest way to learn about this plan is to watch the four videos linked below.
Dornish Master Plan 1
Dornish Master Plan 2
Dornish Master Plan 3
Dornish Master Plan 4

So, using the leverage gained, the Sand Snakes have forced Cersei to make Dornish Law Westerosi Law. Meaning that with the backing of the Law, and the backing of the Faith of the Seven, Arianne Martell became the Queen of Westeros. Refusing to change her family name, the line of her successors have also been Martells for the last 50 years.
In recent years the Ironborn have began to rise up and try to reclaim coastal land through force. In 349AL, the Iron Pact was formed, a truce between the Ironborn and other Kingdoms. It allowed for the Ironborn to have a representatives at court at all times.. Happy with their gains, the Ironborn ceased their heavy attacks, but continue to raid smaller villages. The rest of the nobles at court seem unhappy, and uneasy with the pirate lords and ladies at court.
The Targaryen House has also been restored, though has been kept small as per the pact made between House Targaryen and House Martell. They have been resigned to Dragonstone, and are not permitted to seek any other lands.

Great Houses and Lords

The North

The Warden of the North is Lord Bolton. The Lord Bolton resides in Winterfell while his heir resides in The Dreadfort.

The Iron Islands

The Greyjoys have remained in control over the Iron Islands, with their head of House being Lord Anri Greyjoy. He sits at the Greyjoy ancestral seat of Pyke, and has birthed no heir as of yet. The current heir is his twin sister, Aryeon Greyjoy.

The Twins

After the removal, and exile of all the Freys, House Mallister was appointed Ruler of the Twins.

The Riverlands

Having reclaimed their ancestral seat, and the title of Lords of the Riverlands, House Tully currently sits in Riverrun, and their current Head of House, Lady Tully presides over them.

The Vale

Through the efforts of House Hardyng nearly half a century ago, Harold Hardyng took control of the Vale, and became the next Lord Arryn, and through him House Arryn has sat at the Eryie since.

The Westerlands

The Lannisters of Lannisport are the Wardens of the West, taking over from their cousins, Lannister of Casterly Rock.

The Reach

Preserving though it all, House Tyrell continued to be the Wardens of the South, sitting in their seat in Highgarden. Lord Tyrell is the current occupier, with his son the next true heir. His daughter, Karsi Tyrell is the current Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Crownlands

With the extinction of House Baratheon some 50 years ago, House Swann are the current occupiers of Storm’s End, with the heir residing in House Swann’s ancestral seat of Stonehelm.


Dorne is held tightly by House Nymeros Martell, the main branch of Martell reside in King’s Landing, as the Monarch family, while the second branch sit at Sunspear. The head of the main branch is Prince Asher Martell, King of the Seven Kingdoms.


To award the Targaryens for their services, Dragonstone was given to Aegon Targaryen, and the Targaryen line has remained there since.


Harrenhal remains unseated, as it has for decades. Many Lords and Ladies deem it cursed, and dare not step foot in it.

The Small Council

King of the Seven Kingdoms -(ViperOfDorne) Prince Asher Martell (Semi-NPC)

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms – (Quiinzell) Lady Karsi Tyrell. (Semi-NPC)

Hand of the King – Currently held by an NPC Lady Myrina Dayne of Starfall. A typical Dayne Lady, with dark hair and haunting violet eyes. Lady Myrina has held the position of Hand of the King for over a decade.

Master of Laws – This position is held by an NPC Lord Garric Forrester. A younger Northerner who lives by a code of honour and justice, and was appointed Master of Laws only recently. In that short time, his changes to the Goldcloaks have been successful, and is well liked by the public.

Master of Whisperers. – Alysanne Targaryen (NPC) is the current Mistress of Whisperers.

Master of Coin – Currently held by an NPC Domeric Lannister of Lannisport, and has held the position for quite some time now. Though age and health seem to be failing him.

Master of Ships – Currently held by an NPC Lord Harrold of House Redwyne. A bold Lord who’s morals may be questionable but is a capable sea captain.

Grandmaester An NPC Grandmaester Waylar Ashford who seems to have been around for decades.

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard – A position held currently by Ser Brandon Tully (NPC)

**These positions cannot be obtained by the Players.

Newbie Primer

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