1. Respect

You will, at all times, treat other players with respect. This does not mean characters, but the players behind the characters. Take the time and remember that there is a person on the other side of the screen, and what you say may have a serious impact on them personally.
Failure to comply to this will will result in immediate consequences.

2. Keep it PG-13

Kongregate chatrooms are PG-13 friendly, this means all RP will be kept at this rating. If you wish to take it above the set rating, please take it elsewhere, such as whispers, pm’s or other IM’ing services.

3. Be ready to accept all consequences for your actions

If you do a stupid, or risky thing, you must be able to accept the consequences should it go badly for your character. This can mean, removal of positions, jail time, injuries, exiling or even execution. We will not, under no circumstances, tolerate childish tantrums or aggressive attitudes.

4. Take the time to learn

You don’t need to be an expert on Game of Thrones, but we will have you become familiar with the customs of Westeros and Essos, and it’s current ruling families.

5. Insta-hitting and killing

To define Insta-hitting, it is to automatically hit, maim, deceive or kill another character without giving them the chance to retaliate or defend themselves. Any instances of insta-hitting will be retconned.
Randomly killing off characters will also not be tolerated, fair warning must be given to the mods or GMs to discuss.

6. Abilities

There will be no godly characters in game. This includes a range of abilities such as combat, resilience, magic, alchemy, warfare, and so on. Characters’ abilities should be within reason and players may be asked to change OP characters by the mods and GMs.

7. Metagaming

This is a big no-no. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it is simply defined as; “An action made by a character using information or knowledge, that the character should not be aware of.” The small exception to this rule is the Mast of Whispers, who may acquire information or knowledge through their network of spies once they have shown in-character that their spy is listening. The current Master of Whispers does not need to be present for the conversation. eg. “Two characters are having a conversation in a public area, and a servant happens to pass by and hear a vital piece of information and then later reports it back to the Master of Whispers.”

8. Canon characters

Not that there should be any left alive in the RP, but there will strictly be NO canon characters under any circumstance.

9. Magic

Magic will be under restriction by the GMs and Mods. Any player wishing to create a character with a magic ability must first present the character to the GMs/Mods for evaluation. (A form must be completed) The GMs/Mods can then accept, reject or ask the player to make a few alterations. Only players deemed mature enough will be granted a mage character. These characters will be restricted to two per player, and these characters must have bloodlines in magic, such as Valyrian or Asshai’i. Please note that Wargs also count as magic characters, and must have proper connections. Characters with only one of these bloodlines will be restricted to two disciplines of magic, and the rare chance of a character possessing both bloodlines will be slim, with a total of 4 characters of such being in the rp. These characters will have an increased magical abilities, and will be able to having three magic disciplines. The minimum age for any mage character is eighteen years old.
The list of allowed disciplines is as follows;
Terramancy (Earth)
Pyromancy (Fire) (Includes R’hllorists)
Cyromancy (Ice)
Hydromancy (Water)
Aeromancy (Air)
Necromancy (Dark arts, ability to drain life and raise dead. Asshai’i line only)
Shadow-Binding (Shadows, dark arts. Asshai’i line only)
Healing Magics.
*Please note that Bloodmagic is tied in with Necromancy and Shadowbinding, and is not a separate discipline.


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