Tips and helpful advice

Tip 1: Whisper.

- Intrigue, plotting and treachery are a big part of the Game of Thrones. To accomplish these, or simply to have a private conversation with someone, you can whisper (PM) them via the /w command, followed by their name, on Kongregate:
- Example: “/w usernamehere Message that you want to whisper.”

Tip 2: Give your character room to grow.

- If they come into the RP fully developed already, there won’t be anything to do with them, and you’ll quickly grow bored. Have them develop their abilities and work with other characters to cover those weaknesses.

Tip 3: Make an effort to write correctly.

- There are no images in chat, no videos, just words and sentences. Make sure your RP is enjoyable to read by writing it as best as you can. We understand that everyone makes spelling mistakes once in a while, and a good number of our players aren’t native English speakers, but punctuation and capitalization, as well as avoiding abbreviations such as “sry” or “thx”, go a long way to show you’re making an effort.

Tip 4: Communicating

If you have a plot that your character is in that you would like to see revolved through RP, maybe communicate with other RPers and see what will be able to work instead of just barging ahead. Also, if you see a plot that you would like to be involved in, ask first. If you are rejected, accept the rejection with dignity and just move on.

Tips and helpful advice

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